How To Find A Perfect Man

101 Things to Look For In a Man
BY: Caitlin Burns

It is perfectly fine to adjust and change what you want in a man
but don’t ever adjust what you want for a BOY.

1. Honest
2. Passionate
3. Compassionate
4. Protective
5. Unconditional-love
6. Caring
7. Educated
8. Intelligent
9. Sense of Humor
10. Trustworthy

I realize that I’m writing this guide for you, but the first ten are a must-have. Every man must be at least those ten things otherwise he is probably a deadbeat.

11. Good with children
12. Family man
13. Goal Driven
14. Motivated
15. Spontaneous
16. Fun to be with
17. Adventurous
18. Athletic
19. Understanding
20. Has a good reputation

These next ten are not set in stone. You can change them out; but they are just examples…for every trait you disagree with, replace it with one of your own. If you agree, less work for you!

21. Loyal
22. Supportive
23. Respectful
24. Creative
25. Secure
26. Worldly
27. Out going
28. Kind-hearted
29. Employed
30. Strong willed
Who wants a boyfriend/husband that isn’t loyal, respectful, or supportive? Hopefully not you. I’m sure it sounds silly to say that your boyfriend/husband must be gainfully employed, but if he isn’t employed what is he doing with all of his time?! The next few will be a little more in depth.

31. Has his own life
It is important that your man has his own life outside of you. Whether his friends are from high school, college classes, activities, or work. Make sure you keep a set of friends separate from each other’s.

32. He isn’t crazy.
Earlier I stated that the man should be protective. Yes, but not crazy. There is a fine line between the two and he must be on the side of just protective and not crazy.

33. He isn’t obsessed with PS2, XBOX, Wii, PS3, PSP, etc
I’m pretty sure that this one is self explanatory. If it isn’t…save yourself annoyance. He needs to put down the gaming control and go outside, throw a football or take you out on a lunch date.

34. Same or Like music interests.
Sounds silly, right? Let’s say that you and Joe Music like completely opposite music and you live in different states. Well you invite Joe Music to come home and visit your family. That means it is either—4 hours of constant “your song-my song” or he plays his songs and you put in your iPod, which leads to 4 hours of no communicating.

35. Make sure he has manners
Let’s get real…it is cute & amusing to burp the alphabet ONE time before it becomes ridiculous and juvenile. Make sure your man has manners. This means but is not limited to opening doors (to: cars, buildings, etc), coming to the door to get you for a date, walking you to the door, etc.

36. Same interests or similar ones
There is the saying “opposites attract” and yes, that may be true…but not only is that rare, but it sure doesn’t say “Opposites attract, get along, get married, and stay married.” So pretty much you get the idea.

37. Goal Oriented
Who wants to settle down with someone who is okay with being mediocre?! No one in this world is perfect and there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Find a man who understands and grasps this concept.

38. Good Hygiene.
Hopefully this one does not have to be explained.

39. Can do own chores.
You aren’t his mommy so don’t let him weasel you into doing a load of laundry here and there for him and don’t allow him to put the cooking all on you either.

40. ****NO MOMMY’S BOYS****
I don’t know how to stress this more.

Under no circumstances do you date or deal with any MAN that has an annoying & sicksicksick bond with his mother. The majority of immature BOYS think that their dream girl is someone just like their mother. That couldn’t be more wrong. All they really want is a maid and someone to have sex with. The combination of the two is disgusting enough already. So save yourself the heartbreak and MOVE ON.

41. Health Background.
I know that is sounds ridiculous but it is important to know your man’s background for many reasons. One being that you want to know what genes your children will possess and two if your man has heart disease in his genes you’ll want a good life insurance policy 😉

42. Financial History.
Of course it’s wrong to marry for money. But no matter if he is rich or poor, does he live within his means or does he have a caviar taste on a tuna fish budget?

43. Religious Beliefs.
It’s important that the two of you have the same views or that you both know how to have a mutual agreement on religion. If you’re two different religions, are there similarities? How would you raise your children?

44. Is he controlling?
This goes along with the protectiveness & craziness. It is 110% inappropriate to be controlling. It IS a form of abuse and it is NOT tolerated.

45. How does he treat his mother?
Previously discussed, there are to be NO MOMMY’S BOYS. But it is a safe assumption that the way your man treats his mother is the way he will treat you.

46. Has he ever cheated on anyone before?
Once a cheater, always a cheater. That type of behavior is in all men, no exceptions. But what you do need to know is that a REAL man will control himself. If he truly loves you, he will avoid putting himself in questionable situations.

47. Morals.
Obviously those are a must. But what kind of morals does he have? Do they compliment or conflict with your morals? Are your morals adjustable? Are his?

48. Political Views
As much as politics are bullshit these days, sometimes if an elephant goes up against a donkey all you get is a giant ass. So figure it out.

49. Parents: Divorced/Married.
Sometimes girls gravitate to men that have parents with the same marital status as their own. By this I mean, if her parents are divorced—she will likely have something in common with a man with divorced parents. If his parents are divorced, how does he feel about it? FIND OUT!!

50. Work Ethic?
If he is lazy, he will be lazy in your relationship. If he works hard in life—he will most likely be willing to stick it out when times get rough.

I’m sure all of this seems like a lot of information to absorb. But don’t worry, once you date a few more losers, meet a couple more dumbasses, and dodge about 200 more douche bags, you’ll be able to spot a loser, dumbass, douche—a million miles away. Soon enough you will be doing it with your eyes closed. So relax…keep reading and LEARN LEARN LEARN.

51. Wild or Calm
If your man is wild & you’re calm it could possibly fail, relationship wise. But if you’re both wild then it could still fail due to the fact your faithfulness might not be intact. Find a comfortable center…keep it balanced.

52. Alcohol vs. Drugs
I’m hoping that this one is a no brainer.

53. Secure or Insecure
Is your guy secure or insecure? Do certain things make him feel uneasy? Figure out what makes him tick…see if you’re willing to adjust what it is you do to him. If not, cut ties & move on.

54. Selfish or Selfless
If he’s selfish with his boys (i.e. not sharing French fries or a case) then he will probably be selfish to you. But if your guy is all about sharing a case or bag of chips you’ve got a winner. Just make sure that he is not a push-over.

55. Man’s Man or Metro
What type of man do you like? A fisherman/hunter? Or Express for Men? Football or Soccer?

56. Funny Guy or Serious Man
Nothing is sexier then a man who can make you laugh, am I right? But sometimes it’s good when your guy can buckle down and be serious and make you feel secure.

57. Smoking or Non-Smoking
No girl likes to make out with an ash-tray.

58. Text Message or Phone Call or In Person
I believe that this says the most about a guy. If he is text messaging you how he feels, he is probably a shy guy and unable to verbally express his feelings. If he is a phone guy then he is a little more comfortable with his emotions. If he wants to talk to you in person then he is the real deal. Not afraid of showing that he is vulnerable, and he isn’t going to hide anything from you—hopefully.

59. Christmas or New Years Eve
This also says a lot about your guy. If he likes Christmas he’s more of a family man and calm. New years eve guys love to party.

60. Polo or Graphic Tee
Polo’s say: “Sophisticated, intelligent, attractive and confident”
Graphic Tee’s say: “Fun, outgoing, silly, cute, and crazy”

Black and White; Finding a man is everything but that. Embrace the chase. Love every moment of it. You have your whole entire life to be married to that one person…enjoy the fact that you are single.

61. Remembers Dates
As much as we women deny it, we are excited when our guy can remember our important dates (i.e. birthday, anniversary, day we met, first kiss, etc)

62. Likes Animals
I believe it says a lot about a person if they don’t like animals. Now, I’m not saying they need to be a part of PETA or an animal activist…but simply liking/enjoying animals is fine.

63. Comforting
You’re away at college, your grandfather dies, and you need comfort. Your roommate is busy studying for a test—who do you go to?! Hopefully you are able to go to your guy and hopefully he doesn’t feel uncomfortable giving you comfort.

64. Good with old people
Well, your grandfather is still alive, and for some reason he comes to visit you at school. You want to introduce your guy to your grandpa…how will he behave? Does he try to be funny & talk about his latest DUI or spending the night in the drunk tank? Or does he act old-fashioned and sweet like your grandpa treated your grandma?

65. Understanding
Let’s say you have a class with your guy and he is ridiculously intelligent. You study all day and night with him…he makes an A+ and you make a C- and you’re upset. Does he shrug it off or is he understanding and kindly attempts to go over what questions you missed?

66. Open minded
Everyone has at least one weirdo in their family. How does your guy react to your family weirdo? How about this….? How does he feel about gays? Racial issues?

67. Bold
No girl wants to date a wiener. Make sure he’s brave.

68. Sensitive
There is sensitive & then there is too sensitive. We want something right in the middle. A guy who knows how to platonically comfort your girlfriend when her guy cheats on her. A guy who can bring you flowers when your dog dies…

69. A People Person
Take it from me…It is kind of awkward when your boyfriend is standoffish or even shy. It’s nice to have a guy who can hold a casual conversation at a party or dinner. It is also great when everyone you come across says something positive about your guy.

70. Easy to talk to
Communication is 90% of a relationship. If you can’t talk to him—you might as well not date him.

I’ve gone over seventy different characteristics that you should be looking for in a guy. Take off your blinders…the first guy you become serious with won’t be all of these things—so don’t kid yourself. That’s okay though, he could be Mr. Right-Now…but don’t stay too long because you might miss Mr. Right.

There is going to be a little shift…the last thirty-one things are going to be all about you, then I will close with a little life lesson.

Every Woman Should Have…
71. Enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own, even if she never wants to or needs to.
72. Something perfect to wear if the employer or date of her dreams wishes to see her in one hour.
73. A youth she’s content on leaving behind but a past that’s juicy enough that’s she’s looking forward to retelling in her old age.
74. A set of screwdrivers
75. Cordless Drill
76. Black lace bra
77. A friend who makes her laugh…
78. And one who let’s her cry
79. A good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone in her family
80. Eight matching plates
81. Wine glasses with stems
82. A recipe that will make her guests feel honored
83. A feeling of control over her own destiny

Every Woman Should Know…

84. How to fall in love without losing herself
85. How to Quit a job,
86. How Break up with a lover,
87. And confront a friend…without ruining the friendship
88. When to try harder and
89. When to walk away
90. How to change a flat tire all by herself and
91. How to check her tire pressure
92. That she can’t change the length of her calves or
93. The width of her hips or
94. The nature of her parents
95. How to negotiate with a car salesman
96. When to stop feeling sorry for herself after a crisis
97. How to reject a man and stay level headed about it.
98. How to get along with her in-laws
99. What she would and wouldn’t do for love.
100. How to live alone, even if she doesn’t like it.
101. How to take rejection and how to recover from it.

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